About London Global

London Global is a specialist Real Estate, Investment and Asset Management company with one of the most experienced teams in London’s Real Estate and related Investment Banking sector. We operate as both Principal with our Joint Venture Partners and as Asset Managers where this structure suits our Investors.

Working with a wide range of Assets, Occupiers, Partners, and Consultants, we simply offer the International Equity Investor the best opportunity to invest in London Real Estate by utilising our physical location and extensive contact network at the centre of the property Industry in Mayfair in the heart of London’s West End. By using the skills and contacts of our embedded local team this provides us and delivers for our Investors, an unrivalled lead over the competition.

We source, assemble, appraise and manage the best team of advisors for each bespoke project. We create and manage an unbroken relationship, from Occupier’s Rental/Capital to Investor’s Equity, introducing additional Equity/Finance as required. By understanding and working with those seeking to use the physical Real Estate we are able to deploy capital to meet their business aspirations in exchange for a maximum return for our investors. We have extensive experience of selling completed Investments to the growing Private and Institutional and Securitised Markets and use our unique relationships with both occupiers and investors to identify trends and time disposal of the completed assets to meet this demand.

Our innovative approach optimises the potential of every aspect of real estate acquisition and management. We have the ability to be flexible in the manner in which we operate and invest. As well as sourcing and negotiating direct property and corporate transactions, we advise on appropriate capital structures, procure third party financing and provide pro-active asset management and development services. Our work includes individual property investments, corporate investments, joint ventures and creation of new businesses.